DJ - Beschreibung

▲ Eat; Sleep; MTO; Repeat ▲


M.T.O. (Move The Otherside) is a group founded in 2011 by the DJ duo Luca Oliva (Lupo VDJ) and Moritz Melzer (DJ Maurice Melzer) together with Karim Dhouibi. Lupo's eperience in the music business, the numberless performances through Italy and the presence in southtirol's night life for almost 20 years, together with Karim's and Moritz's passion, gained a very positive reaction by the audience from the very start. This group started to affirm theirselves in the most various Clubs in South Tyrol. In 2013 new group members started their journey with M.T.O. - Evaldo Sufali (Wave), The Jokers, and, for the first time, two photographers - Stablum Luca & Sara Oliva. M.T.O. wanted to improve quality and with two photographers they added something more to their partys. M.T.O.'s style goes from 90's music to the new EDM track's and to worldwide music charts. Up 'til now the group is resident in the famous Club Max in Brixen. This group plays in a lot of pub/clubs in South Tyrol like Disco Fix, Club Nachtigall, B52 Club, P3, Platzl, Time Out, Santner's, ecc... M.T.O. had the chance to share stage with artists like Gigi D'Agostino, Eiffel 65, Klaas, Body Bangers, DJ Antoine, Angemi, Rene Rodrigezz and many more.
See you in South Tyrol. M.T.O.

M.T.O. Members:
Djs: Lupo VDJ, Maurice Melzer
Mc: Wave
Photographers: Stablum Luca, Sara Oliva